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Surprise Event!

A few weeks ago I had a nasty cough which I couldn’t really throw off; I found it quite unpleasant and horrible, so the next day, when I had no-one visiting me, I didn’t ask for a smoke, and the … Continue reading

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A letter from Mary

Dear Friends I have little news to tell you except that my thoughts have been with Jonathan and Lori, who have just had my seventh grandchild, Rafael Theo Jefferson Smith, 7lb 11oz, on 9th March, a brother to Alexia. I … Continue reading

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For many years I have felt regret that I never told Dad how much Singleton meant to me. He knew that I had chosen to go to Exeter University because it was the nearest university to Singleton; he knew I … Continue reading

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About my name…

When I was about sixteen, my friend, Caroline Pringle, in a geography lesson, leant across to my desk and whispered to ask what would I be called when I was married; she wrote my name, Mary, on her atlas, and … Continue reading

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My life on the Edge

  I woke up this morning in the middle of a dream where I felt I was on the edge of things. Having been totally involved with my children growing up, I now feel I am “on the edge”; I … Continue reading

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Mary, Dancing with Death

  Twelve days ago, on 22nd October, the Saturday before my 65th birthday, I became critically ill with a chest infection; I was taken into hospital by ambulance (against my wishes) and there I was given extra oxygen to breathe … Continue reading

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The Confidence of Youth Continued…(from the Dormobiling experience)

When I was eighteen and had passed my driving test, Vivien, my best friend at school, and I, plotted a holiday after A levels, round a large bottle of Coke. We agreed to put £2 each of our monthly allowance … Continue reading

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