Surprise Event!

A few weeks ago I had a nasty cough which I couldn’t really throw off; I found it quite unpleasant and horrible, so the next day, when I had no-one visiting me, I didn’t ask for a smoke, and the days went on when I realised I had given up smoking! I felt I didn’t want to die through smoking too much, and so I started telling people that I had given up smoking. The response from most people was amazement and congratulations. So it seems that, as I couldn’t sneak a cigarette on my own, partly the decision was made for me. My sisters are asking whether I have kept it up; they were pleased that I seemed to have stopped, and so was everyone else. I was asked by many people what made me decide to give up smoking, and I explained that I didn’t like the coughing.

Adrian was going to visit our oldest son, Barnaby, in Sydney, and has gone to Tasmania as well: he said that Barnaby and Mirren had given him the idea to fly to Tasmania. Before Adrian went away, Jonathan and Lori and their two children were staying in Adrian’s house and they came with Adrian to visit me and take me out on Sunday 9th April. I told Jonathan I had given up smoking and he was really relieved, so was Adrian, but he had finished off the tobacco by rolling me enough cigarettes to last some of the time he would be away.

I knew I could have asked my sister, Lucy, to give me a smoke but I never did. I felt that going outside to enjoy the sunshine was pleasure enough, so I didn’t even ask for, or have, a cigarette, though my mind occasionally went to thinking about how I wouldn’t smoke, although I wanted one sometimes.

It is three weeks now since I gave up!

Mary Smith   27th April 2017

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4 Responses to Surprise Event!

  1. Jack Mosse says:

    Good stuff Mrs Smith!

  2. David Bennett says:

    well done Mary! Thats a real achievement

  3. Martha Clark says:

    Hi Mary,
    That is good to hear and is a surprise! It reminded me of when Gran gran announced she was giving up smoking and I couldn’t believe it as she had always enjoyed it so much too. However it sounds like it wasn’t so enjoyable for you any more with the coughing so impressed you have stuck to it without the help of Allan Carr books, hypnotism etc!
    Lots of love, Martha

  4. Lois Bowers says:

    Dear Mary,
    Along with Jolyon and Bill we have been reading your blog….well done stopping the smoking!
    Jolyon was pleased he could help you have your breakfast…he is off to Portscatho tomorrow to stay with an old friend there. Old haunts for him.
    Love from us all Lois

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