A letter from Mary

Dear Friends

I have little news to tell you except that my thoughts have been with Jonathan and Lori, who have just had my seventh grandchild, Rafael Theo Jefferson Smith, 7lb 11oz, on 9th March, a brother to Alexia. I am telling you this so that you can understand why my mind has not been on blog-duty!

However, now I have started writing, it has led me to think of things that I have been doing recently. Adrian takes me out every Sunday and sometimes, when Dave is in Truro, he takes me out on a Friday. Both Adrian and Dave told me how they worry about pushing my chair up and down hills in Truro; it was a suggestion of Jessica’s that I should get a motor for the chair, which many people find heavy and cumbersome to push. Adrian acted on this suggestion and has got a motor with a rechargeable battery which makes the hills, up and down, much easier for the pusher. It also makes my asking to be taken out much easier as their comments have been listened to.

Last Sunday Adrian and I went to the Eden Project which we had avoided because of the hills there. We had a really good time there; Adrian took me up to the top of the Tropical Biome which we found too hot, and so we went down to the Mediterranean Biome, where we had lunch. Next Sunday, Adrian is thinking of taking me to Trengwainton.

Adrian still makes my cigarettes which I have whenever we stop to admire the views wherever we are. On days when it rains Adrian and I go to St Agnes; I sit under the tailgate of the Berlingo and smoke my cigarettes. We sometimes go to a park in Falmouth where there is a sheltered walkway.

Really, one point of telling you who come to visit me about my motor, is that you could see Adrian using it so you could learn how to do it yourself! (which will be very useful when Adrian is in Australia for a month from mid-April).

I enjoy hearing what other people are doing, so please let me know what you are up to in the next few weeks. It slowly comes to me that I hear about people following my blog but I don’t often have feedback!

Love to you all for now


31st March 2017

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One Response to A letter from Mary

  1. Dave says:

    Nice blog, Mary. Looking forward to hitching a ride on your new fangled machine!

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