About my name…

When I was about sixteen, my friend, Caroline Pringle, in a geography lesson, leant across to my desk and whispered to ask what would I be called when I was married; she wrote my name, Mary, on her atlas, and pushed it across to me to fill in what I would be called. I felt that Mary was quite a common name and so I would add to it the equally common name, Smith, so I could be whoever I liked.

I didn’t remember this when I met Adrian at the Oxford Bridge Club when I was nineteen. We spent much time together, drinking wine, playing bridge and talking. Adrian was sometimes the worse for wear; he kept asking me to marry him and I said “no” but then, in the end, we were talking quite soberly in the sitting room at Singleton when I realised, thinking about the years ahead, that I couldn’t live without him, so I asked him to marry me; he agreed and we went to bed, to sleep quite happily knowing we would get married. I said I was not religious but Adrian thought his mother would only like it if we got married in a church. The only thing that made me feel religious was when I was in Cornwall, so we decided to be married at St. Minver Church near Trebetherick.

So that’s how I became Mary Smith!

Mary Smith   5th January 2017

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2 Responses to About my name…

  1. Dave says:

    Well I am doubly shocked. In the first instance, you confess to passing notes during lessons. Then to discover that Adrian was the worse for wear due to alcohol. All my illusions crumble.

  2. Jack says:

    I didn’t know that Mary, its a beautiful story.

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