Mary, Dancing with Death


Twelve days ago, on 22nd October, the Saturday before my 65th birthday, I became critically ill with a chest infection; I was taken into hospital by ambulance (against my wishes) and there I was given extra oxygen to breathe and some strong antibiotics intravenously. I can’t clearly remember that time as I was very confused, and not even clear that I was in hospital.

Adrian told all four of our sons that I was critically ill and that, according to the doctor, I might die. This involved all four boys coming to visit me, much to my joy including Barnaby who had flown over from Australia. They all told me how they love me.

I asked Barnaby, when he saw me on my own, to tell me about how his family life is organised in Sydney, Australia; he told me how he is involved, as well as Mirren, in looking after the three children. I felt, at the end of our conversation, that they are “good enough” parents to their children. I hope that Barnaby and Mirren both feel I appreciate what they are doing.

I also talked to Henry, Jonathan and Oscar. They told me that by coping well with my illness I had shown their children what a good grandmother they have. They also felt that I was showing good spirit to them and their wives and children.

My sister, Lucy, had rung Jessica as well as Alice and my school friends Vivien and Minky, to tell them that I was critically ill; I rang all of them after I returned to Amberley six days later, and they told me that my great spirit was shown in that I chose to live and not die.

Also, as well as Adrian, Carolyn, Sue, Michael and Jean-Anne have been to visit me, Tony and Chrissa came this morning and Nicki is coming tomorrow.

People have asked me how I found the hospital, and I suppose, to be honest, I couldn’t really say as I didn’t see it as a different experience, and for four days I was quite confused.

I was very appreciative when the nurses of the Acute Care at Home Team came every morning for five days after I returned “home” to Amberley, and my intravenous antibiotic treatment was completed by them yesterday.

Now I don’t feel confused, though I do feel quite tired with what I had to go through, and I am glad to be alive!

Mary Smith   3rd November 2016

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2 Responses to Mary, Dancing with Death

  1. Julia Jarrett says:

    Hello Mary
    So glad to hear that you are safely back in the nursing home. It sounds a horrible experience for you. It was lovely for you to catch up with your 4 sons but awful for you to be so ill.
    Do hope you get this message from me

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