A Time I was Proud of

My boys were taught sex education by Charles in their last year at primary school. As I had experience as an ante-natal teacher, I offered to help when it came to explaining how a baby is born. I had large charts showing the baby inside the womb, and I used a model pelvis and rag-doll to explain what happens during labour.

One time, while I was helping Charles, the head-teacher came into the classroom showing Matthew Taylor, the local MP, round the school. The moment they came in, Charles, with his eyes dancing around, said to me “Mrs Smith, I don’t think the children quite understood how the baby is born; perhaps you would like to show them again?” At the sight of me pushing the doll through the pelvis held by Charles, with thirty eleven year old children watching intently, Mr Gunn and Matthew Taylor left the room quickly. Afterwards Charles said that he had never known two men leave his classroom so fast. I suppose this was because neither man had children or had been to an ante-natal class.

One of Barnaby’s friends remembers this occasion and recalls the embarrassment of the visitors, and the smug feeling among the children, who were not embarrassed.

I remained involved in sex education for a number of years.

Mary Smith   19th September 2016

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One Response to A Time I was Proud of

  1. Martha Clark says:

    A great story Mary – I can see you doing this demonstration in a very matter-of-fact way that meant the kids did not get the giggles but also meant the Head and MP didn’t know what to say or do! I imagine your sons also kept a memory of this which helped them attend their children’s births too….x


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