My Funeral

I have been encouraged to write this by my husband’s slightly hysterical chuckle when I told him that, when I die, I want to be taken to a crematorium for a humanist ceremony; my coffin will be carried by my four sons to the music of Richard Wagner’s Tannhauser. I first heard this music when I was at university and we were smoking dope and I giggled hysterically when my flatmates, Tony and Rupe, put it on (who, I imagine, may come to the funeral).

During my afternoon rest, after lunch, I usually put on Classic FM and this music came on the afternoon I happened to be thinking of my funeral. This certainly lifted my spirits as was shown when I told my son, Henry, about my funeral arrangements. I hope he remembers my rather hysterical chuckle when I was telling him.

(I am hoping that Sue, who is taking down this dictation, will not do what I did which was to ask my sons to provide me with dope! But Sue probably will give me a puff on my e-cigarette.)

After the funeral I want my ashes to be taken to Singleton and then carried down to the beach at Daymer Bay to be scattered along the tide-line where I used to enjoy swimming, and my sons and their children still do.

Mary Smith   13th August 2015

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