More about my funeral!

I am assuming that I will die before any of the mentioned people, but this may not be the case…!

I would like certain people to speak at my funeral, in particular, my good friend, Alice, who visits me once a month in the Truro nursing home, all the way from Devon. Alice makes me feel very good about myself because we always get on to talking about dormobiling and she always says that I have good ideas and then put them into action!

Anyone else might like to speak, possibly my weekly visitors or my relatives; perhaps Henry would like to describe my telling him the reason for them coming in to the funeral to the overture from Wagner’s Tannhauser… or Oscar could talk about how my mother told me not to have a fourth child (and I hope he doesn’t regret my decision to go ahead?)

I want to tell Adrian to let Tony and Rupe know when I die, and anyone who wants to talk about me can, and after the funeral they can go to Singleton to spread my ashes on Daymer Bay shoreline and have a final Maryfest picnic!

Mary Smith   25 August 2015

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