30 year old memory

There is something I’ve been wanting to say for thirty years. Recently it has been preoccupying my mind. And now I shall use my blog to say it …

On 26th May 1984 my Father was 70 years old. To celebrate this fact he decided to take the whole family – this is, nine adults and five children – to Paris where he put us up in a hotel for a few nights. On the second day I told my Mother that I wanted to say something at supper. I looked at her during supper and she held something in her hand and was looking at me as though she were about to call order and bang her lighter on the wine bottle. At that moment my whole mind seized up and I panicked and felt I couldn’t say what I wanted to say. So I shook my head and the moment was passed. It is this moment that keeps coming back to me. What I wanted to do was thank Dad for organizing this very generous trip.

At that time I hadn’t made any speeches and it was before I started my Diploma in Human Relations and Counselling Skills which gave me the confidence to become a humanist officiant. Since then I have occasionally talked at family occasions and I was an officiant at weddings and funerals for the Humanist Association.

When the family got back to England I wrote Dad a warm letter thanking him but I was sorry not to have done so in front of my siblings and their children. Dad’s been dead a long time now but I’ve always been sorry I didn’t make that public announcement. Now I am doing it on my blog.

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One Response to 30 year old memory

  1. simodora says:

    Well done, Mary. A generous, moving and defiant entry. Diana has just penned a letter to you and I’ll post it (via the actual post!) tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you again next week.

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