The Technological Age Continued….

I wrote about the technological age a few weeks or so ago.

Since then all sorts of related matters have come into my mind; for a start, I have never owned a mobile phone, or a smart-phone whatever that is. I am also ignorant about broadband and my husband, who is four years older than me, has found it difficult to put i-player on my television, so I can’t watch good programmes that I have missed. He has worked out how to Skype our oldest son, now a father of two boys, in Australia. He arranges with Barnaby to have a Skyping session when he brings me back to our home.

I have four sons aged thirty-six to twenty-eight, and three grandsons, two of them aged about three and one who is three weeks old. The older ones are certainly at home in the technological age and know that the grandsons will be giving them advice about their i-players, computers etc.!

Friends talk about i-pads but I don’t know really what they do. The fact that people can communicate through the internet has obvious benefits, and it is free and quick, but the language surrounding use of technology like downloading, uploading, copy-and-paste, means little to me.

People using my computer find it very slow and tell me I ought to get a newer one; it might help them but I am not personally inconvenienced by waiting except having to hear them tell me how much easier it is on their computer, and I think it is all a matter of me having to be patient again.

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One Response to The Technological Age Continued….

  1. Oscar says:

    Yet you have a blog Mum, so perhaps you are involved in the technological age. (Also I’m 27 not 28!!!)

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