The Technological Age


The trouble is I am sixty-one and need my sons’ help to make sense of it. When I told one of them that I was going to continue writing about my experiences of living with MS and I was going to be interviewed by Sarah from the MS Society, he immediately said I should have a BLOG. I had no idea what a blog was or how to set one up; so he proceeded to tell me. He assured me that it was very easy; the trouble is most of my friends are about my age so they were equally uneducated in blog management. Indeed, one person older than me thanked me for introducing him into the world of blogs as up till now he had been a “blog virgin”!

 I was told by my son, Barnaby, to send him all my email contact details so that those people could go straight to the website address for the blog. They have seen what I have written because they are given notice of any new post on the blog, and now people are encouraging me to write more for the blog. As I have shown a good number of people a copy of my book (“How my life was tripped up by MS”) which includes some poems, they have asked me to write more poems, so my last piece for the blog was a poem. I had a number of positive responses to that and I certainly value anything that anyone wants to say about any piece I have written. For posting the poem on the blog I had to ring my youngest son, Oscar, to confirm how to access my blog. He told me that it was easy, you just needed to know the web address.

About fifteen years ago we had our first computer and I used it to write various pieces, then my fingers stopped working properly and I had to take to dictating to various friends. So now I dictate generally to Sue who doesn’t tell me how her computer works differently to mine (though most people do tell me) and we seem to have a very good partnership in this business, writing the book, articles, poems, etc.

Occasionally people treat me as if I do understand technical details but the truth is I don’t. The combination of years and MS doesn’t make for technical wizardry, much as I would have wanted it to.

Mary Smith    10 September 2013

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3 Responses to The Technological Age

  1. Tony Cook says:

    Hey Mary – MS leaves you behind the curve in many respects but when it comes to technology all of us around 60 are in the poo. Sure, some are better than others but none of us can beat someone in their 20s – and they are put to shame by teenagers. It’s causing a weird tilt in the world. The young seem only to be able to communicate via a screen – you go to a concert and they’re all on their phones sending pics and bits of the tunes to their friends, not listening to what’s happening. It’s a further case of capitalist alienation if you ask me, then but I’ve always loved that Karl Marx. xxxx Tony

    • Dear Tony, It was nice to receive your feedback. I wondered if Chrissa has seen my blog, in particular the piece about being kissed! Did she realise that she was “the friend” who was mentioned at the beginning. Now, (this is Adrian speaking) the other problem with new technology is that everything you write is in the public domain. You have mentioned your love of Karl Marx. Beware! You’ll be front page cannon fodder for The Daily Mail!!! Love Mary xxx and Adrian

      > Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 16:53:16 +0000 > To: >

      • Tony Cook says:

        I think co-founding Red Pepper marked me out to the ‘authorities’ for life. I’m dangerous to know! Do you remember the front page of the Daily Express when we chucked stuff at Edward Heath when we were students. I was there with a clod of earth in my hand about to hurl it as the ‘face of the modern student’! My mother used to take the Daily Express. Ho Hum.

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